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The SPIKE Tool Package

The SPIKE cable spiking tool is shipped fully equipped for 30 spiking operations. Designed for lightweight portability for transport and use in field maintenance, the SPIKE Tool components are:

  • SPIKE Tool Carrying Case
  • The SPIKE Tool
  • 30 Cable Spikes
  • 60 Cartridges in Three Power Load Strengths (B 10/G 30/ Y 20)
  • one of each of the following: 5/32" allen wrench, 1/8" allen wrench, 5/64" allen wrench
  • Lanyard Pin Attached to a 40' Lanyard
  • Ramrod
  • 25mm Ball Stud for Bonding to Ground
  • Operations Manual

SPIKE Tool Inquiries

Please e-mail Ron Mock, President, SPIKE Tool Inc, directly to discuss cable piercing, line-worker safety, and the SPIKE Tool: president@spiketool.com

Information & Customer Service

Order The SPIKE Tool & Parts

Order the SPIKE Tool and parts directly from one of the listed authorized SPIKE Tool distributors below:

Global Distributor (Including Canada)

Lakeport Power
169 Industrial Park Road
Colborne, ON, Canada
K0K 1S0
U.S. & Canada toll free: (800) 293-1909
Tel: (905) 355-3281
Fax: (905) 355-3336
E-mail: gbh@lakeportpower.com
Website: www.lakeportpower.com

Distributors (Canada Only)

Jubb Utility Supply Ltd.

1245 Maple Hill Court, Unit 8

Newmarket, ON, Canada

L3Y 9E8

Tel: (905) 898-5822

Fax: (905) 898-7200

Toll free: (855) 222-5822

E-mail: sales@jubbutility.com

Website: www.jubbutility.com

Distributors (Canada Only)

Landace Hydraulics
4376 Elgin Road
Mossley, ON, Canada
N0L 1V0
Tel: (519) 269-3020
Fax: (519) 269-9902
E-mail: landace@sympatico.ca


During the first year after purchase, or after bi-annual maintenance by the manufacturer all SPIKE Tool parts that the company finds defective in material or workmanship will be replaced by SPIKE Tool Inc free of charge, including labor and costs of shipping and handling.

No further warranty, expressed or implied, in connection with SPIKE is given and the company's sole liability consists in replacing or repairing parts under warranty.

The warranty is null and void if incorrect selection of cartridges or spikes results in equipment damage. Cartridges and spikes must be selected in accordance with the Operations Manual.

The maintenance program is highly recommended. SPIKE Tool Inc will perform a full maintenance program on your SPIKE every two years.


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